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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Some of the questions which we have been asked previously.

Questions Responses
Can you teach my children English? We only run courses for adults during school hours.
What text books do you use? We use one book to cover terms 1 and 2, and another book to cover terms 3 and 4. This gives variety for students who want to continue for more than one term. The books we use are shown in theCourses page.
When can I arrange a free attendance at one class? At any time when term classes are in progress. We do not arrange a separate class for this purpose.
Can the fee be paid weekly or monthly? The discounted $540 fee for the course is payable in full before the course starts, or you can pay $70 in advance per week.
Can I enrol for a course without paying? You can enrol by phone or email and pay at the first lesson.
Can I enrol for only part of the 8 week term? Students who attend for the full 8 weeks will get preference. If the class is not full, late enrolment can be considered.